Supporting Trans Youth with the GOAT Shop

We want to highlight our incredible partner the GOAT Shop for providing a young trans teen with an amazing haircut that gave him a boost of confidence.  We want to share a thank you from a proud mom that was sent to Kids Up Front:

“My son, a graduating grade 12 [student], was the recipient of a free haircut at GOAT. As a young trans man, my son is still transitioning and doesn’t usually feel very good about himself. Knowing that sometimes looking better can help one feel a little better, I had been nagging him for months about getting a haircut, but he always turned me down. When I saw the haircut opportunity, I thought he might buy into the idea. He did! The stylist at GOAT did a wonderful job making my son feel at ease. He is usually very uncomfortable being touched, but I could tell he enjoyed his shampoo, cut, and style. He told me later that the stylist took her time to make sure his hair was just the way he wanted it. My son left GOAT looking and feeling great. Thank you for giving my new grad a boost and making him feel special.”

Note that the quote has been revised for brevity and clarity.

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