Program Report – June 2021

Goodbye Spring – Hello Summer!

April was filled with excitement as we ended the month by distributing an incredible 1,720 Calgary Zoo admissions! 44 Agency Partners and their families were beyond excited to accept this opportunity allowing them to enjoy the outdoor experiences safely.

Throughout May and into the beginning of June, Circle K distributed 74,091 PPE items to 43 of our Agency Partners, supporting both their families and their front line staff.

Lots of fun was had on our social channels and within our newsletters reflecting:

    • National Volunteer Week – thanking our incredible KUF Krew
    • Teacher Appreciation Week – recognizing special stories of educators from our very own Agency Partners
    • Reading Is Fun Week – sharing some great reading material for all ages and the e wee read sr. program feedback
    • Impact Week – sharing quotes and thanking donors for the lasting impacts across our communities
    • Spring Activities – posts on free activities families can explore in surrounding communities
    • Opportunities to Support – highlighting the opportunities currently available in-person and online that can be purchased and donated to the children and families we serve – this will be ongoing in future posts and newsletters

As we look ahead to summer, we are excited to connect children and families with opportunities that allow them to explore, learn, imagine, and enjoy fun outside of their homes, reducing social isolation and daily stressors. With upcoming summer camps, concerts, Stampede, the return of the CFL and the Pancake Project just around the corner we are looking forward to busying ourselves as we make magic happen.


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