Kids Up Front was founded in 2000 by a man named John Dalziel and since then, the organization has grown immensely with locations in Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Halifax! Since 2000, we’ve delivered over 500,000 experiences worth over $20 million in Calgary alone.


Gift Your Birthday!

In honour of our 20th birthday year, we want you to #GiftYourBirthday to give deserving kids a chance to celebrate theirs. Every year, our small and mighty team of 4 deliver over 30,000 experiences to kids and families. This year, we want to keep that going and create even more memories. Keep reading for more info on how you can help us reach our goals!

Do you want to help make our 20th year a memorable one for the kids and families we serve?

  • Donate your age in dollars
  • Start a Facebook birthday fundraiser and select Kids Up Front as the charity of choice
  • Donate to Kids Up Front for a loved one’s birthday and we will send them a birthday card on your behalf letting them know about your contribution
  • Set up a donation box at your next birthday party

When you gift your birthday, we can create a memorable birthday experience for a deserving kid! We’ve already started, and we’ve made two special birthday wishes happen in 2020 so far.

“For the past 4 years, D’s life has been filled with addictions and crime. He has been in and out of rehabilitation facilities for addictions and mental health.  A team of police officers, social workers, psychologists and doctors have been working very closely with him throughout the ups and downs of his life.  Over the past 2 years, we have witnessed D slowly, but surely enter the journey of healing.  There have been many steps forward together with many steps backwards.  He is raised by his single mother who is battling cancer and would be grateful for any opportunity! Money is very limited and tight for this family, so any opportunity is graciously accepted!”

We were able to send this youth to go bowling and enjoy a meal with his close friends and family!

We were also fortunate enough to help this special kiddo meet his favourite NHL player, thanks to our friends at the Calgary Flames! Our birthday wish list is growing everyday and we want your help to make all of them come true.

Thank you to The Calgary Foundation for supporting our first ever Research and Impact Study!

It’s been 20 years of making memories happen for families in Calgary and Southern Alberta and thanks to the Calgary Foundation we have our first ever research project showing the impact.

Thank you to Sarah Pervez of Community Voices Consulting and the Calgary Foundation for the incredible support. Here’s some special insights into the effects of our programming:

“More Than A Ticket”

“Based on the input from over 160 respondents we discovered that our top impacts to our community are creating stronger relationships for program participants, improved well being and mental health as well as expanded knowledge, interests and skills resulting in an shift in perspective.

91% of survey respondents indicated that Kids UP Front tickets helped reduce social isolation for their clients

77% of respondents said the Kids Up Front addressed the need for recreational and mental wellness opportunities for their clients

74% of respondents said that their clients lacked educational and cultural opportunities and Kids Up Front tickets helped address this need!

Stay tuned for the full report which will be released soon!

Thank you to all the incredible supporters who have made this last 20 years truly magical. We can’t wait for another 20 years of making an impact on our community.

Stay tuned for more highlights an updates in 2020!

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