After the biggest day of shopping, Kids Up Front is pleased to announce a really big deal. The biggest deal. The best deal. The deal of a lifetime. The biggest deals can be found right within our community.  Read on to discover what we think is a really big deal, and who deserves a shout out! 

Donors give their tickets to amazing and exciting events throughout the year, allowing kids to cheer on their hockey heroes, watch the curtains rise at the theatre, and experience the thunderous sounds of a concert live.

Our partner agencies and ticket contacts give their time and their passion about the value of our programs, picking up and delivering tickets and supporting their kids and families to enjoy and engage in their community.

Our volunteers give us hours of their time, helping hands and much needed program support throughout the year.

Our board members give expertise, professional advice, support, guidance and countless hours to our organization.

Our financial supporters, which include corporate donors, individuals, and foundations, support us throughout the year, often over many years, and are the reason we are celebrating 18 amazing years as a grassroots local charity!

Our founders, who have stuck with us since the beginning, gave us the vision, the strategy and the means to get us to where we are today!

Now that is a big deal!

So, on this Giving Tuesday, we encourage you to reach out to your community, in whatever way you give best, and either donate, volunteer, encourage and support the many local charities and social service agencies doing good in our community!

Calgarians have a long history of giving, helping and serving in times of greatest need; let us celebrate this Giving Tuesday together!

Interested in getting involved with Kids Up Front? Find out how you can make an impact on our organization here.

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