Kids Up Front is so very proud of, and grateful for, our board of directors. It is very fitting for us to give thanks this weekend for the leadership and the guidance that our board provides to our small organization. Calgarians truly exemplify the spirit of giving, and we enjoy and celebrate the many talents, skills and time that so many are willing to dedicate to their community across the charitable sector. We have an outstanding board of directors, and we thank them for all they do to help us continue to be successful, grow as an organization, and deliver our mission and vision.

It is with much sadness at this time that we say goodbye to one of our longest serving and original board members, Kent Richardson.  Kent, we wish you the best in your next adventure!

Kent was part of the team who envisioned, developed and championed Kids Up Front from its grassroots beginning, and helped it to become a registered charity in 2000. To launch a charity, develop trusting partnerships, secure financial support, create a team of believers and supporters, and see a mission fulfilled is truly an incredible commitment. We are grateful for Kent’s unwavering support, positive and engaging nature, leadership, and true commitment to the well-being of the organization, the staff and our programs over the past 18 years.

Kent, we could not have done it without you! Thank you for sharing your time, your passion, and your expertise with us. Kids Up Front truly became a family affair in the Richardson household; we enjoyed the volunteer efforts that your family made as a whole to our organization, and we have many fond memories of our times together.

So, as we all give thanks this weekend for family, friends and things that are meaningful to us, we are proud to count Kent as one of the original KUF family members!  You are always welcome at our table, and your chair will be hard to fill!

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