We are so incredibly grateful to count Team Cenovus as a valued corporate and community partner over the past few years. Together, we have created and hosted amazing arts and culinary experiences with deserving kids across Calgary. We have created fused glass projects, made cannelloni from scratch, whipped Caesar salad dressing with a commercial mixer in a bucket, learned how to use a gnocchi paddle, colored gnocchi dough with purple beet powder, created personalized clay projects with natural products and paints, and enjoyed banana split treats complete with sprinkles, gummy bears and chocolate syrup. These types of experiences develop fine motor skills, spark imaginations and artistic inspiration, and give kids practical skills in the kitchen as well as exposure to new and different foods and ways of cooking. Thank you, Cenovus, for supporting us to engage our community, to benefit from the talents and experience of your staff volunteers, and for investing in Calgary’s kids!

This year, it is our pleasure and joy to have hosted three special events with the support of Cenovus in our community. On June 6, we met at a local Boys and Girls Club to create fused glass portraits and learn about Inukshuks with Clay for Kids. Did you know that glass gets fused at temperatures as hot as lava?  Very cool fun fact. The projects were a hit with the kids and much fun was had by all, choosing specific glass pieces, enjoying the colors in the bright light, and creating pieces with personal flair. Our wonderful Cenovus volunteers helped sparked imaginations, ensured safe handling of pieces, helped attach wire hangers, and assisted with set up and clean up. Many thanks for pitching in as needed!

This was followed up by an event on June 15 at an after-school program in Radisson Heights; with 18 kids creating personalized clay plaques and enjoying banana splits afterwards! Thank you to Rachel from Clay for Kids for guiding us through the process, and teaching us about the scientific principles of both fused glass and working with and drying clay. Also, for helping us use natural paints to make our projects look their best! Corina, thank you for getting your space ready for us, supporting such a great group of kids after school, and making the afternoon an incredible success.

We finished up our special events with a culinary experience with the talented and dynamic Spice Chica.  Thank you, Chef Marina for teaching us about gnocchi, encouraging us to cook with our hearts as well as our hands, and allowing us to nurture others with food and a sense of family. We can’t think of a better way to “sum up” our June event schedule! We sincerely appreciate the Cenovus volunteers for helping us stay on task, deal with spills, and let go of fears to get our hands all sticky in the dough!

Thank you, Team Cenovus, for showcasing “social math” in our community, with our partners, and with our kids and families. We are infinitely grateful, and so very excited to be able to count on you as a corporate supporter, and valued community investor. Thank you for your leadership, creativity, and enthusiasm for our programs! Taisa and Andrea, we are grateful for your work organizing everyone!

Who says math can’t be fun?

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