We are so thankful for the longstanding support of the CPO; we truly appreciate the tremendous arts and cultural experiences that you provide for our kids and families. Music, learning, and the celebration of sound and instrument are incredible opportunities for our children. Thank you for sharing the joy of the symphony with us!

In April we had over 200 kids and families invited to The Great Human Odyssey! What a wonderful visual experience to accompany the CPO performance. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended!

On June 3, 100 of both our wee and young adult patrons got to enjoy Vern Griffiths as he entertained and stirred imaginations with his off the wall adventures in percussion. Look out mom and dad! Your kitchen coffee maker or your cooking pots may be part of a concerto going forward. This performance was supplemented by the Instrument Discovery Zoo before the show. This is always a magical time for kids to see, touch and hear the various instruments first hand. Perhaps we have some new or budding composers in the audience, hands enthusiastic to drum, or those just itching to try a xylophone or tambourine. We appreciate the gifts of music and the chance for our little guys to be a part of something new to them, an opportunity to explore and imagine with encouragement from professional musicians. Thank you for inviting us; thank you for investing in Calgary’s kids!

Thank you TD! #TDNoteworthy

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