“Why did you do all this for me?”

“I don’t deserve it. I’ve never done anything for you.”

“You’ve been my friend,” replied Charlotte. “That in itself is a tremendous thing.”

-E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web

We can all take a page out of E.B. White’s classic story at this time of year. Let us all celebrate friendship; it is a tremendous thing.

We wish to celebrate our friendships with Alberta Theatre Projects, the Harry and Martha Cohen Foundation, and Willco Transportation. With their support, Kids Up Front was able to invite 398 guests to the “Charlotte’s Web Winter Celebration” on Nov. 19! This annual signature event included:

  • A private screening of Alberta Theatre Projects’ Charlotte’s Web;
  • Pizza, refreshments, dessert;
  • A special plush “Wilbur” for every child (260 pigs were given out!);
  • Wilbur and Charlotte themed crafts;
  • Coloring stations for the wee ones;
  • Photo booth;
  • Face painting princesses;
  • Popcorn for all guests;
  • Return chartered bus transportation for 280 guests.

Thank you everyone for your continued support of our annual holiday theatre party. Without this event, many families would not ever attend or receive the joys of experiencing a live theatre performance. For many, the costs are prohibitive. The transportation that was provided from central pickup points assisted those who do not have access to reliable transportation. The refreshments, the crafts, and plush toys completed an evening of delight and wonder. Thank you for making this night possible!

We appreciate the talents and celebrities from YYC Princess for helping our guests sparkle and look their best! Thank you for coming out and spending time with us! Many thanks to Nick at Castle Toys for helping us with our plush pigs, and bringing Wilbur to life!

We also wish to thank our volunteers from the KUF Krew! We simply could NOT host an event of this magnitude without our volunteer ushers, coat check staff, food service, super duper crafty types, popcorn popping extraordinaires, general helpers who multitask, and of course, a special shout out to Taylor, our volunteer who assisted with the accessibility elevator. It was a “snowstorm” of activity that night, and we needed all hands on deck! Thank you for giving of your Sunday afternoon and evening to help us deliver an incredible event.

It was truly “TREMENDOUS”! 

Hope to see you all next year, and a big thank you to CIBC Theatre For All – we are so grateful for the support of this program!

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