This special thank you is reserved exclusively for our partners at the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation.  We are grateful for their support and collaboration over the past decade, allowing our programs to grow and expand, serving thousands of deserving kids and their families each year!

With our small team of four staff, many are surprised to learn that in 2016 Kids Up Front received over 150 suites to hockey and lacrosse games, concerts, and special events!  We are very excited to announce that we project this number to grow to over 200 in 2017!

With the support of Luke Dauray, Mark Leost, Candace Goudie, and their incredible staff on the front lines, our suite program has grown immensely – providing literally thousands of children and their families with incredible sporting experiences and special events. Thank you for supporting our dreams for our kids, and engaging suite owners and the donor community to support the suite program and make it such a huge success! Every suite is hosted by a Kids Up Front staff member or trained volunteer; we welcome the kids and their families at the club entrance, escort them to their VIP seats, ensure any pre-ordered food or snacks arrive as ordered, and do our very best to make sure that everyone has a great time!

Thank you also, to Caitlin Bell and everyone at the ticket office, for going out of their way to ensure that our families locate their will call tickets, that donors’ tickets are passed along to us, and that any changes or special seating arrangements can be accommodated. You are always open to helping out our families and volunteers in any way that you can – we appreciate your time and efforts!

Thank you to the incredible team of ushers, security, concierge staff and hosts/hostesses who help our families find their way, help with special access, and provide nothing but the best. Our goal is that no child is left behind, and that everyone feels welcome. You certainly support that!

Thank you to the Flames Foundation for all your past and present support.  We are always grateful to be included in the 50/50 ticket sales program. Our volunteers love to help sell tickets, and we are grateful for the funds that are raised for our non-profit. We appreciate the financial support that this provides to our programming.

Our motto is One Little Ticket, One Big Lift. The Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation is a true champion for Kids Up Front. While it is exciting for our kids to experience the thrill of a game in a VIP suite complete with all the trimmings, the opportunity represents much more. Families get to experience special time with loved ones, receive respite from personal challenges or difficult circumstances, enjoy exposure to new events, venues and activities, fulfill a child’s dream or wish, and spark a sense of hope, joy and renewal.  

For this, we give a huge and enduring round of applause to an incredible partner organization and supporter!

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