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Following the success of last year’s event, Kids Up Front Calgary is pleased to announce the return of our wilderness challenge event this August.

Update: Stranded: Water Valley 2016 was nominated for a Calgary Event Award in the Best Fundraiser Category!

Tribal council, cameras, immunity and sleeping under the stars are things to expect when competing. With an experienced crew running the event, players would have a hard time noticing they’re not taking part in a reality TV event.

Who’s competing?



Event managed and hosted by:




Where and When:

Friday, Aug. 11 through Sunday, Aug. 13, Stranded: Water Valley is hosted at Camp Kindle (northwest of Calgary). 18 contestants compete in physical and mental challenges against each other to determine the Stranded champion. Prizes are awarded to top fundraisers and the sole survivor.

Supply Sponsors Needed:

  • Sleeping Bags (18) 6 Red 6 Blue 6 Green
  • Snacks (we are in need of snack foods for our host lodge. Chips, Beef Jerky, Soda, Juice, Candy/Chocolate Bars, Granola Bars etc.)
  • Prizes-we are in need of several prize items for our contestants and volunteers to thank them for all of their hard work!
    • Gift Cards, tickets, sports memorabilia, product, experiences, etc.

Reward Challenge Sponsors: think food, luxury items, things the contestants would be excited to receive.

    • Your company can donate product to be featured as the reward part of one of many of our challenges.
    • The cost is $200/reward challenge and we only have 10 placements available.
    • Every reward challenge sponsor will receive social media recognition, logo on our website and product featured in the final video!

Canadian Tire Money & Gift Cards

  • Many of our supplies will be purchased from Canadian Tire. Please consider donating Canadian Tire Money and gift cards to help offset our costs.

If your company wants to be part of the event, click: 2017 Donor Request Form-STRANDED!

2016 Contestant Testimonials:

“By far one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. So grateful to be a part of it.”

“I still can’t believe the hours, km’s, and soul you guys put into Stranded Water Valley.”

“First of all, thank you and all your staff for pulling off the best fundraiser I’ve ever been a part of. You guys made a truly authentic and amazing experience.”

“I’m BLOWN AWAY by how well put together this was!  It was well beyond my expectations and having been on the other side of organizing large events, I am in awe of you and your team’s commitment and dedication to make it such a success! I feel super lucky to be a part of something this special and to be a member of the inaugural event.”

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