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Kids Up Front Calgary provides experiences to deserving children and youth in the Calgary area. We believe that all kids should have access to enriching experiences like arts, culture, and sporting events. Attendance at events like these helps to foster feelings of inclusion and belonging in the children we help. Kids Up Front reaches children in need through our innovative program by distributing tickets, classes, and passes to more than 300 partner agencies in the Calgary area.

Impact and Outcomes

As Kids Up Front celebrates our 20th anniversary (2020), we are thrilled to share our research and outcomes report with you. It demonstrates the impact of our programs over time, both for individuals and families, as well as across our community partners.  It is a comprehensive, methods-based, professional and strategic evaluation. Thank you to the Calgary Foundation for funding and supporting this vital project! Thank you to Sarah Pervez of Community Voices Consulting for completing the research and the report for us.

Kids Up Front Evaluation Project 2019-2020


A world in which all kids have access to enriching experiences.


Kids Up Front distributes tickets to arts, culture and sporting events to deserving kids and their families.


Fun, Collaboration, Integrity, Inclusion, Agility.

Our Story


“I looked around and saw so many empty seats and I knew that those seats had been paid for and that those tickets were probably in somebody’s desk. I was determined to fill those seats with kids and their families that wouldn’t normally have a chance to go.”

John Dalziel

From empty seats to unforgettable adventures…

When John Dalziel looked around Calgary’s Saddledome one night in 1999, he saw more than a sea of empty seats. He saw possibility. Why not put those unused tickets into the hands of kids who may never have the chance to be there live when the hometown team wins a big game or when their favourite band comes to town?

Kids Up Front Calgary was created in 2000 and to date, we have provided more than 600,000 experiences valued at over $20M to Calgary kids and families. Our foundation strives to provide every kid with a larger than life experience that fosters possibilities, passion, dreams, belonging, and self confidence.

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